There’s no such thing as good posture, just your next position. This was tip number seven shared by Richard Gilbert in our birthday blog and it feels like the right time to dig a little deeper into what he meant.

Experts, including Richard, believe there is no such thing as good posture. In fact, there is much written about it and while holding yourself and lifting correctly IS important. What matters most is that you keep moving, so thank goodness for Joe Wicks The Body Coach.

Joe is on a mission to keep our children moving and has become the nations PE teacher. Going live every morning at 9 am on his YouTube channel and you don’t have to be of school age to get involved. But what I didn’t realise is that his channel is full of videos for keeping you on the move and off the sofa.

Why you need to keep moving:

Your body is designed to keep you moving therefore to prevent back pain you simply need to do just that, move. It is why many experience Musculoskeletal Disorders at work and from sitting at a desk for too long.

Here are seven ways to keep YOU moving at home:

  1. Dance. Yep turn that music up and dance around the house (in your pants if you like since no-one is out and about and won’t see you through the window).
  2. Left your book upstairs? Go up and down twice or even three times and if you have a knee problem take it slow and walk like a penguin with your feet turned out.
  3. You are advised to take exercise at least once a day while observing social distancing and even a walk around the block will improve your mood and IS you on the move.
  4. Dust off the exercise bike or any other piece of equipment that is gathering dust and use it. Begin with just ten minutes a day and extend the time over a number of days.
  5. Staying in contact with others is more important than ever. Make that call standing up and walk around the house. Catching up and nattering you will soon get that step number up.
  6. Use this time to improve your balance and you can find fantastic exercise on the NHS website here.
  7. Make being neat and tidy a daily habit. Get the hoover out, turn up the music and dance at the same time and you’re really moving now.

The point is not to flop on the sofa and stay glued to the news, which is not healthy. It’s about making small changes and doing what you can. You’ve been gifted this time by an earth that is asking us to take better care of it. Do your bit and stay home while creating new and healthier habits.

We shall be offering and available for remote access video and telephone physiotherapy consultations. When we’ve worked out the finer details on how this will work information will be shared here on our website.

In the meantime, if you need to speak to someone at the Centre the quickest and easiest way is by emailing