As we leave the colder weather behind us, we naturally start to stretch. Shoulders are no longer hunched and chins aren’t tucked into jackets, which by the way is not good for your neck at all. Meaning your head is held high and your posture is improved.

To further help you unfurl why not try our stretching exercises which we recommend daily.

Stretch your neck and shoulders

Look squarely over one shoulder then the other, holding for 30 seconds on each side and repeat five times on each side.

Strengthen your neck

Tuck in your chin, elongate the neck and feel the stretch between your shoulders. Hold for 5 seconds and repeat 3 times in the car, the supermarket queue or at the desk. Wonderful to stop that dowager’s neck!

Stretch that spine

The knee roll is a lovely stretch. Lie on your back and roll your knees to one side, followed by your pelvis, keeping both shoulders on the floor. Hold the stretch for one deep breath and return to the starting position. Repeat 8 -10 times, alternating sides and remember to keep your knees together.

Warm up the hips

Stand with your feet together and hands on your waist, circle your hips five times clockwise and then five times counter-clockwise. Easy as that.

Foot and arch stretch

Place a ball under the arch of your foot, apply light to moderate pressure, and roll the ball around under your arch. This will probably become your favourite stretch.

Stretching regularly can improve your body’s range of motion but there are other benefits which include:

  • By getting the blood flowing it will have a positive impact on how you feel
  • Concentrating on the exercises will still the thoughts running through your head, to give you some time out.
  • It reduces the chance of injury, which in the more mature of us is a great thing.
  • Stretching first thing will rid you of the stiffness many of us wake with.

Always remember that a stretch should feel good, create mild tension but not pain. If you experience pain or muscular niggles please come and see the Sarum team, from physio to massage we can help get you back on that exercise mat. Call 01722 415 055 to book.