Are you ready for a reboot, to shed your winter skin (and coat) and embrace the warmer weather?

Okay, the weather is rather changeable at the moment and you’re probably unsure from one day to the next what to wear BUT spring is here. Meaning you might want to get back into a rhythm or start a new one – one that is better for your health.

While the first lockdown saw many hit the streets and joining online exercise classes, this last one during the winter months has been harder for many.

Winter has that effect, the sofa more appealing than the cold outside, so please don’t give yourself a hard time. Instead, consider how you might NOW make small changes to ease yourself back into a routine that fits you and your lifestyle.

Here are three tips to help YOU spring back into action and for embracing the ‘new’ normal.

First, take it slow.

Decide what you want to achieve and why – then how in a way that feels good. This might be choosing to work on your mindset, perhaps discovering the wonderful benefits of meditation for instance.

Or each day practising being grateful by starting a gratitude journal. To be honest, you don’t need a journal, you can easily start by stating out loud before getting out of bed three things that you appreciate or are grateful for. They don’t have to be big things, the sun shining through the window, a wonderful night’s sleep, the birds singing – simple pleasures.

Second, take it slow.

Stay with me, I’m not repeating myself I promise. If you are planning a return to a team sport, decided you want to get on the golf course or need to find your running shoes, you are most likely NOT at the same fitness level.

Your muscles need to remember tone, strength and ability – and they WILL. But rushing back in or starting with full enthusiasm and at full speed CAN and MAY result in injury. An injury that will set you back, dampen the motivation and result in you back on the sofa.

Third, take it slow.

No, promise still not repeating myself. It’s important that before springing into action you take it slow not only for your body but also for your mind. Our ‘new’ normal will take time to adjust to, so be kind to yourself.

You may have good days, when jumping out of bed and straight into your running shoes, is all you want to do. While on others you may still feel uneasy, anxious even and getting out on the golf course the last thing you feel like doing. That is okay, tomorrow is another day.

Finally…. Sarum is here to help.

Help you with old injuries, aches and niggles that might be of concern. Whether you are planning to run a half marathon, take part in a local tennis tournament or fancy joining a netball team, we are here.

Our aim has always been to keep you doing the things you love for as long as you WANT. So whatever you are deciding right now, the Sarum team want to give you the best chance of staying motivated and doing what you love; or support you trying something new.

If it’s not a marathon you want to run but instead you just want to potter in the garden without your knees creaking, we are here for you as well.

Call 01722 415 055 to make an appointment and let us help you spring into action.