Spooks and Creaks – Pains and Shrieks. Yes, it’s a Halloween themed blog this month, giving me a chance to talk about all things bonkers, I mean conkers.

You see, Autumn is my absolute favourite time of year. The colours are gorgeous, the falling leaves stunning, and yes, collecting conkers – I love it. Catching the last of the vitamin D, beautiful skies and the noise of children back playing footie, netball and rugby. The smells, the spooks, promise of a log fire… I really could go on and on.

Equally, it’s a time when we all need to be a little more careful.

  • Watching where we place our feet to avoid trips and spills.
  • Looking out for wet leaves, which can make the ground slippery and
  • as the temperature continues to drop, frost can make the front step like an ice-rink

And finally, make sure your outside spaces are well lit and obstruction-free to avoid bruised ankles or worse.

The changing season and exercise

For some the colder weather means a change to how they exercise, perhaps taking an evening run instead of a morning one. For others, it’s a complete change, swapping outdoor for indoor exercise – something gentler and in the warmth of the home maybe. Regardless, both require extra care of your muscles.

The cold can impact your muscles and the severity of an injury. So do all you can to prevent them in the first place. Warming up is crucial as is wearing appropriate clothing (especially for outdoor activity).

You might also think about changing your usual running or cycling route. This is because those that were wonderful in summer may not be as kind to you in winter.

How to stay motivated to exercise in colder weather

As the nights draw in, you may find it challenging to even open the front door for the postman, let alone a run. If this sounds like you, buddy up with a friend. Working out together makes it less likely you’ll swap exercise for a slump on the sofa.

Make a plan. Deciding in advance how and when you’re going to exercise makes it easier – just what you do. Add some variety, try something new and don’t forget to include your ‘exercise buddy’ in the plan!

Sign up for a class or the gym, choose a time that suits you and go. While you might not be a gym bunny by nature, gyms have lots to offer, and some have saunas and steam rooms to help soothe away your aches and pains.

Set a goal. Decide why you are continuing to exercise – make it realistic and get deeply connected with your why. Set yourself smaller milestones if necessary, and remember to celebrate their achievement.

At the very least, keep moving

Get your wellies on and jump in muddy puddles; take a regular stroll on the beach with your face to the sun (wind or rain). Wrap up warm, keep those shoulders down and walk in the park. Take the stairs at work, park your car a little further away from your office. Make it easy to move more, have fun with it and enjoy the benefits of even the smallest change.

We are here to help you with the next big challenge or support you to simply move more and absolutely both without pain. So call 01722 414 055 to make an appointment and let’s leave the shrieking to the kids this Halloween.

One last thing. In case you’re looking for Halloween themed events and want to hang out with spooks,  check out the Visit Wiltshire website here.