Happiness is a feeling, a sense of joy, it’s when something makes you smile. It can come from something small or BIG and results in a warm fuzzy feeling inside. Making you grin from ear to ear or both.

Many are striving for happiness. Hoping that the right job, increased earnings or completing a qualification will bring to them this euphoria that everyone talks about. Yet happiness can be far more and far easier … by simply enjoying the moment in and out of work.

At Sarum Physio, you will find a happy bunch and hear much laughter in the Centre. From giggling to raucous laughter we are not afraid to have fun.

Our work revolves around bringing happiness back into the lives of our clients by reducing or removing pain and getting our clients back doing what they love. Now there is the key.  Doing what you love is key to your happiness.

If an old injury is keeping you long-faced on the bench we’re here to help. Equally if playing with the grandchildren isn’t bringing you joy because your knees are giving you jip and the kids keep winning. Then come and see us.

Because exercise is good for you

Exercise is known to create a sense of calm, wellbeing and yep you guessed it happiness. No matter how you achieve it, regular walks, classes, in the gym or on the field. As part of a team or pounding the streets with your earphones in it will make you feel better.

Almost a cure for everything as those powerful endorphins flood your body. It’s why you drag yourself to the gym and after workingout skip back to the car.

Now as it turns out, it’s also Bike to School Week. As you may know, cycling has huge benefits physically, so why not get your bike out to find your happy place. Go on, freewheel down the steepest hill you can find and feel the wind whip around your ankles. In case you’re thinking that’s an odd thing to say may we remind you that if you’re out on your bike you must wear a helmet. And it’s rather difficult to feel the wind in your hair with a helmet on!

At my Nordic Walking class, we always stretch to the sky and the leader concludes each walk with” take that Nordic feeling with you today”. Which gives me a lovely surge of happiness!!

Happiness is all around you if YOU stop to see it

A baby at the supermarket who gives you a wave, a call from an old friend, The sun shining or the sound of rain as you snuggle in the warm. A pile of crunchy leaves just waiting for you to run through, a puddle to jump in or your bus on time. Tiny moments of happiness wishing for you to acknowledge them.

Take time to stop, listen, feel and find the happiness in your day.

If aches and pains are stopping you from beating the children in a race across the park. Or an injury is keeping you on the bench call 01722 415 055 to make an appointment. Let us help YOU to find your happy moments more easily and pain-free.