Physio IS for all the family. Not just for elite athletes and those at the top of their game striving for gold medals. Not just suitable or available because you have an injury – sports-related or not. No, it is so much more.

It’s about mobility, pre and post-operative care, supporting the little ones to grow and develop. And teenagers to be all they can be. You living your best life, running with greater flow, smoothly driving down the fairway or chasing the grandchildren and catching them.

And here are four things you probably don’t know about physiotherapy

  1. It has been around for thousands of years, and it’s said that Hippocrates was the first to use some form of Physiotherapy, Hydrotherapy and Massage Therapy.
  2. Then the earliest documented origins of physical manipulation and exercise date back to 1813 and were by Per Henrik Ling, the founder of the Royal Central Institute of Gymnastics in Sweden.
  3. And after World War I, physiotherapy became an established practice due to soldiers returning home needing therapy and treatment to help heal injuries and restore mobility function. And it was women that were recruited to work with the soldiers.
  4. My own governing body, the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, was founded in 1894 by four nurses and awarded its Royal Charter in 1920. Since becoming the profession’s leading membership organisation in the UK.

Enough about the history, let’s talk about physio today

Too often, physiotherapy treatment is sought out because the pain is too much, mobility has been lost, or patients just don’t know where else to turn, and their lives are being seriously affected. Yet, Physiotherapy, as mentioned, isn’t just for injury or for top athletes; it is for all ages and for everyone and should never be a last resort.

And can help:

  • Baby and child development
  • Teenagers to grow into their bodies
  • Keep the maturer of us moving and independent
  • The retiree swinging easy on the golf course or tennis court
  • And everything in between.

Physio can help people with many different issues, including injuries. For example, it can address pain when at work or driving, running after the children or lifting the shopping out of the car. Also, general mobility – helping you to move around more easily – doing the things you love. Chronic (long-term) musculoskeletal conditions, such as arthritis or osteoporosis. Any disability or impairment affecting mobility or muscle movement.

And yes, pre-operative preparation and all-important recovery and rehabilitation following hospital care, bed rest or surgery.

We take care of the whole of you

At Sarum, we pride ourselves on listening. So we can provide you with the right treatment in a way that suits your lifestyle. So, yes, you may need to do exercises BUT your treatment won’t hurt, and yes, it is for YOU.

Never wait for the pain to be too much. Seek help as soon as you notice that something isn’t right, whether that is with us or not. Be in tune with your body as it’s talking to you all the time with those little twinges, aches and pains.

We aim to keep you doing the things you love as long as you want, mobile and independent – loving life. Here to help the little people begin their journey in the right way, so they avoid future pain or problems. Keeping our teenagers on the field and helping our athletes be all they can be while taking as much care of our exercising for fun patients. Call 01722 415 055 to make an appointment.