Peter Rabbit is after our beetroot and in case you think I’ve gone made during lockdown, I promise I’ve not; although you will have to read on to find out more.

The past few weeks, okay months, have been challenging for many reasons and in different ways for us all. From not being able to see loved ones to not giving your nearest and dearest a hug. Not being able to work or access services, having to be okay with grey hair; and long and out of shape hair. Aghhhh!

Restriction are now being lifted but slowly and for many, it remains a time of limbo. Unsure when you can return to work, wander the shops or join your friends for dinner. Is there still time to learn a new skill I wonder and you in case you think there is you might find inspiration in this article.

During these crazy times, when our doors have not been open you may have thought….  ‘what’s the Sarum team up to, doing and learning?’

Starting with me and because I know you want to know what Peter Rabit is up to…

Once I’d made the decision that Sarum must continue to support our truly amazing clients, I’ve been on a tech roller-coaster journey. After working it all out and getting over my tech phobia I’ve been holding video and telephone consultations from home and having a ball.

Outside of the office, alright away from the kitchen table and laptop, there has been much going on and we’re been living the good life. Similar to that enjoyed in The Good Life, which was a sitcom from the ’70s and just like the programme we’ve turned our garden into a veggie plot.

A plot which has flourished under the amazing tender guidance of my daughter who’s never before had the chance to try out her green fingers and we’ve already enjoyed our first beetroot, which was yummy. A lovely accompaniment to the tea caught by father and son – it’s okay they didn’t chase a chicken around a field, rods being required on this occasion!

It has been lovely even with four larger than life adults all under the one roof and Zoom meetings in every nook and cranny. We’ve had time to share and laugh, to tease one another and stress together over how to protect the beetroot from Peter Rabbit.

The Sarum team have also been busy learning new skills, discovering new places and more; and I thought it would be great to share with you exactly what they’ve been up to.

Sarum Team: Lockdown Learning

Gaby… our awesome masseur enjoyed a lockdown luxury in the first three weeks doing nothing and her body and hands were very grateful.  Since then she’s been getting to grips with her garden and now knows all about compost. Plus she been walking daily and exploring Laverstock. A parish she had no idea was so big until she got her walking boots out.

And while she hasn’t learnt a new language or musical instrument, she can now make a meal from any three ingredients. Surprising herself with the creations that resulted from a rummage in the freezer and store cupboard.

Puppies make the best gardenersAnnabel one of our super-duper physios has been doing some CPD and learning but she’s also discovered that puppies make the best gardeners!

Sally… who takes care of patients on arrival has gone from vaguely waving at neighbours to enjoying a much closer community. The WhatsApp group set up for the sixteen houses in her Road offers coriander seedlings and help with ordering weekly veg. Not forgetting information on how to hire a skip and the coordinating of prescription collections.

Sally’s says “we’ve all got to know each other so much better and it’s lovely.”


Leona one of our amazing physios has been experiencing and enjoying a fabulous family time of local adventures and crazy puppy training.

She has loved home school her son and learnt about volcanoes and Vikings, although admits her maths is a bit rusty!

The family’s new puppy has been a welcome addition bringing energy and structure to their days.

Richard another awesome Sarum team physio has been busier than ever preparing the home for a new arrival, whilst helping to deliver a quickly restructured NHS physio service via phone and video consultations.

I shall continue to offer video and telephone until we can open our doors again and promise we miss you as much as you miss us. Please call 01722 415 055 to book and if I’m out of breath when I answer it might be because I’ve been chasing Peter Rabbit.