Paralympics for more inspiration; yes, if the Olympics wasn’t enough, the Paralympics has started.

First, I want to take a moment to touch on the fantastic event that was the Olympics 2020. This year showing inclusivity with new events and participants as young as twelve and thirteen taking part. Not forgetting Phillip Dutton (57), the oldest on Team USA, and Oksana Chusovitina (46) the oldest gymnast.

While Athletes had a bonus year to train, training was not easy. Swimmers didn’t have access to pools, and many could not use gym facilities or be with their support teams. I can only imagine how challenging preparation was for them all.

This was the year many athletes talked about and put their mental health first, gymnast Simone Biles not being the only one. We got to watch the wonderful Tom Daley knitting by the poolside, something he started during lockdown to help with his mental health. And then bringing immense joy to those of us that watch his creations come to form.

Oh, and I must mention the mixed events, which I absolutely loved. In the pool, on the track, and the mixed Triathlon Relay was fantastic!

Undoubtedly, the games this year provided an amazing insight into the mental strength and challenges faced by athletes. Plus, the ingenious ways athletes found to train during a year like no other. Well done Team GB who finished fourth overall in the medal table and came home with 65 medals.

I do not doubt that the Paralympics will be as incredible and provide us with as many hours of exciting viewing. So, go Team GB show us what you’ve got and remind us again of what is possible no matter what.

History of the Paralympics

I decided to learn a little more about the Paralympics. Discovering that the first event was held on 29th July 1948. This being the day the Olympic Games opened in London and was organised by Dr Ludwig Guttmann. Called the Stoke Mandeville Games and held on the lawns of Stoke Mandeville Hospital, two teams of former servicemen and women who had spinal cord injuries competed in wheelchair archery.

The Games continued, and in 1952, the first international Games took place with a team of athletes from the Netherlands travelling to the UK. Then in 1960, over four hundred athletes travelled to Rome to take part in what would become known as the first Paralympic Games.

I’m drawn to the Paralympics because

In 2017, I had the privilege of supporting the Help for Hero’s Team when they took part in the Race Across America (RAAM).

RAAM is one of the world’s most challenging endurance cycling events and an epic 3,081 miles. I spent time with the Help for Hero’s team during their training event in the Pyrenees. One of the most rewarding physio experiences and, as I say, a privilege to be involved. The camaraderie was something else, as was each team members commitment—a truly uplifting and very humbling experience for me.

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