Our three top tips to keep you in tip-top condition. But first.

Did you know that taking 20-30 minutes of exercise a day can make all the difference in staying in Tip Top condition?  This doesn’t have to be expensive, or over strenuous, or become another “thing” to fit into your busy life.  It must be fun, social or practical …but whatever you choose, it is essential to prevent injuring yourself!

So what are our three top tips?

One: Ease into a new regime.

Don’t rush in or think you need to be running a marathon before you can walk a mile, as this will invariably end in “pains” and “strains”. Instead, try something you fancy, but in moderation.  If you enjoy the exercise, this will keep up the motivation, release endorphins – “that feel good factor”- and you will be much more likely to persevere.

Start gradually, have a few small goals, and avoid risky or strenuous new activities.  The body then has time to adapt to the stresses and strains and let you know if there might be problems….before it is too late.

Two: Know your body and all its limitations … ask an Expert if in doubt.

You may have an old injury (a weak back, stiff shoulder, or unstable ankle), so you may need to avoid specific movements, keep to low impact, or perhaps do specific exercises before you start.  If in any doubt, speak to your GP or have a Physio assessment, so you are confident that your body is up to the challenge and any niggles are looked at first.

Three: Recognise … and act your age!!

Unfortunately, as we age, we lose flexibility, resulting in more time needed to limber. Therefore, stretching and mobilising regularly and reducing impact becomes increasingly important.

Pay attention to your “core” as this supports your back, neck, shoulders and hips and can protect you from injury.  Pilates is an excellent way of achieving this and can be sociable and fun while helping you to keep doing all things you enjoy.

So it could be Pilates, Yoga, the gym, or cycling to work. A lunchtime walk, or even popping up and down the stairs if working from home!  The main thing is to feel fitter and healthier whilst preventing injury, all with a smile on your face!

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