Massage is one of the oldest and simplest of treatments. It’s a natural way of releasing tension and pain that is being held in the body, which has often occurred because of stress and a busy life.

NOW when someone says get a massage it conjures up images of Spa days with the girls. BUT the benefits of regular massage are far greater than a few hours of treat time.

People of all ages and levels of fitness can enjoy massage and there isn’t a need to be unwell to benefit. You might be surprised to learn that it can help to improve sleep, reduce anxiety, improve concentration and reduce fatigue – the benefits are endless!

Our lives are busy, we are rushing to the school gate, to work, to the next meeting and the ‘to do’ list grows daily. Women particularly tend to just keep going and this is when we can miss the signs of stress. Stop for a minute and think about how you are feeling, do you feel like a coiled spring, is your mind racing and your body itching to get to the next task waiting for you?

It’s okay the world won’t stop if you take a moment to breathe. Releasing the tension and stress held in the body with regular massage can leave you energized, focused and more productive without the tightness you might be feeling.

Our massage team Gaby Piontek and Cally Morfit are highly experienced and specialise in different areas of massage. Both work closely with the physio team and offer:
  Deep Muscle and Soft Tissue Massage
  Sports Massage
•  Relaxation Massage

All treatments will be tailored to your individual need and while we recommend a course of or regular massage you will be surprised by how better you will feel from just one session.

Don’t let tension and stress hold you back from enjoy the summer months, which are just around the corner, or an old injury stop you putting your trainers on.

Put down that to do list, give us a call on 01722 415 055 and bounce into summer with the tension released and a YOU ready to enjoy the sunshine.