The latest news from us is that we are open and everyone is back in the Centre. All except the gorgeous Kiri and Richard who have been enjoying time with their new arrival and beautiful baby girl. And in case you need to know, Rich is back next week!

It’s safe to say it’s been a crazy few months. Actually might be more than a few but during lockdown one day, week and month rolled into one don’t you think? Anyway, enough about what was. At the Centre, we are super excited because we’re fully open and all services are again available, which means we are seeing our wonderful clients.

As much as we’ve missed you, you’ve missed us and while it’s not the same as before it is the same team. The same service and care and upon arrival you will still receive a warm welcome and a BIG smile. Although the smile might be a little hard to see behind the mask, it is there!

Changes to be aware of

While I certainly enjoyed the virtual consultations using video, it wasn’t the same. At Sarum, we believe in the power of touch and put huge importance and value on communication, which was not possible through the screen.

We are all so happy to be back and while our uniform is now encased in mask and pinny, this is to protect you and us; and we think worth it. In some way’s life at Sarum has become quite clinical from necessity BUT we are the same.

You will have to wait in your car outside, rather than in reception. But don’t worry one of the team will come and get you – so you can’t and won’t miss your appointment.

You will then need to have your temperature taken and asked to hand sanitise. After which you will be taken to the treatment room where it will almost be like old times!

Latest aches and pains being treated

Neck, shoulder and back pain has always been a popular ailment at the Centre, just the cause has now changed. Possibly caused by working from home at the kitchen table, in a makeshift office, using the only available chair!

Equally, we’re re seeing injuries from those who’ve taken the last few months to improve their health and fitness, which is wonderful. Unfortunately, injuries have been experienced and sadly until now patients have not been able to access treatment and help. You see we not only treat injuries: we can also provide exercise plans to ensure your injuries don’t get worse or return.

We’ve also been noticing injuries from seasoned athletes who returning to their favourite sport and pastime, are not sport fit. Meaning they’ve leapt back onto the court, course or track with huge excitement forgetting or not realising that they’re fitness levels are not as they were. Again, we can help treat the injury and get our athletes back on track.

To be honest, old, new or latest we don’t mind what injury you bring. Or how the ache or pain has occurred, we just love seeing you again.  Chiropody, massage or physio – all services available to you and we can’t wait to see you back at the Centre. Call 01722 415 055 to make an appointment.