Karen Taylor


Karen Taylor trained as a homoeopath after seeing impressive, quick and permanent relief in her daughter’s long term illness. She studied at SHC and CPH in London and has attended many other supplementary courses in homoeopathy and other healing modalities. During her training, she also studied nutrition, herbs and essential oils and suggests these when appropriate. Other specialisms include musculoskeletal injuries, allergies and hay fever, pregnancy and female issues and improving and assisting the recovery from scarring and burns. However, any ailment may benefit from homoeopathy. She is a member of MARH and BCMA. Read more at www.thenaturalsolution.co.uk

Scarwork is a collection of gentle, painless massage techniques used without oils or creams to help improve the look, feel and function of scars and the surrounding area, irrespective of how they were formed and how old they are. ScarWork has been used with great success in the USA for over 40 years and was introduced to the UK in 2014.

Karen trained as a Swedish massage therapist initially, recently became a scar work therapist and has worked on scars from surgery including caesareans, laparoscopies, arthroscopies etc, injuries and burns.

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