The summer holiday has long been forgotten, the tan has faded and the nights are drawing in. Are you starting to feel a little blah? Don’t worry there is lots you can do to help give yourself a little kick start and we have put together six ideas to help keep you smiling this Autumn.

Take a walk and enjoy the daylight while you can. This might be at lunchtime or an evening stroll. Walking is free and very good for you, both physically and mentally as it provides time to reflect on your day and of course a great way to keep or get fit.

Establish a regular meet up with friends, this could be a theatre group, walking group (see one above) or even a book club which might include a glass of wine!

Stretching exercises at gym

How about taking up a class? While we would encourage you to think about one with health benefits such as Zumba, Yoga or Pilates, your mind is equally important So, what about learning a new language or something more creative like pottery.







spa-towelsTreat yourself to a beauty treatment or visit a beauty counter and indulge in a free makeover.

Take up a new sport! Following an amazing summer of sport, you might feel like picking up a badminton racquet or hitting the netball or squash court. Finding something that you will enjoy is the secret and you can play just for fun.

Be kind to yourself, set aside time for you, perhaps read a book or simply take a soak in the bath.

shutterstock_375699436Putting aside regular time for yourself is essential to your health and wellbeing if only ten minutes a day. Whatever you decide upon make it a regular habit. Small changes to your daily routine are much easier to continue … so don’t think you have to set yourself a challenge to climb Everest or run a marathon!