On the 1st October, Older People’s Day is celebrated across the UK to coincide with the UN International Day of the Older Person. The Chartered physiotherapists are celebrating active living to mark this special day.

The Get Up and Go campaign is about promoting exercise for maintaining wellbeing into the twilight years. Helping everyone to understand that while we might be at a greater risk of falling when we are older there is plenty that can be done reduce the risk.

Falls cost the NHS £2.3 billion a year – that’s £6.3 million a day and many are avoidable. While the cost is staggering the impact on health and wellbeing after a fall is equally worrying. A long recovery can lead to depression, loss of independence and confidence and therefore not enjoying life to the fullest.

With six out of ten falls happening in the home and garden what can be done to reduce the risk?

  1. Remove the clutter and never leave anything on the stairs
  2. Ensure good lighting in the home
  3. Use a slip mat in the bathroom
  4. Clear up spills immediately
  5. Take your time and don’t rush
  6. Never walk in the dark

These and other practical tips can be found in the new Get Up and Go leaflet available from SAGA.

You are never too young to start looking after your bones, learning how to lift correctly and exercising to reduce the risk of falling in the future. Check out the animation on the Chartered Society of Physiotherapists website for strengthening exercises or come in and see us at the Sarum Physio Centre.

Let’s celebrate Older People’s Day by taking care of our loved ones and check their homes are trip hazard free. Not forgetting of course to start exercising yourself for strength and stability.

Our aim at the Centre is to keep you doing the things you love for as long as you want. Want to be healthy, active, independent and pain-free? Book in today!