There is still time to get beach body ready, even if your holiday is just around the corner. So, if you’ve not lost the last few pounds and starting to feel anxious about putting on that swimwear. But first, stop giving yourself a hard time; getting away to relax is so important to our well-being, and at Sarum, we want you to have the most relaxing time.

Anyway, what if we told you there was a simple way to look slimmer and feel more confident? Well, there is, and it’s all about posture.

Good posture is essential for avoiding neck and back pain, helps to reduce stress and does wonders for your appearance. By pulling your shoulders back and allowing them to drop slightly into their natural position – yes, not hunched up around your ears – will improve the way you look and feel.


There are both great physical and well-being benefits to standing tall.

Physical benefits

Correct posture improves your breathing as your lungs can fill the space, which helps to improve oxygen and blood flow around the body. This in turn enables your organs to work as they should without additional pressure.

When we stand, sit and are lying down correctly it reduces wear on joint surfaces helping to keep arthritis at bay. It also reduces stress on ligaments – all good news to help prevent future problems as we age.

Wellbeing benefits

Proper breathing and clear airways help to reduce stress and anxiety and generally help us to feel more in control. In addition, it helps to increase concentration and thinking ability because our brain is getting the oxygen it needs to function.

You might be surprised by the difference in how you feel by simply improving your posture. Standing correctly will make you a little taller and feel more confident because you will naturally draw your tummy in and look slimmer.

But what is a good posture?

Firstly, it’s not about keeping poker straight, as this you would feel quite tiring and probably cause back and neck pain. It should feel natural when you are in the right position, although it might take a little practice if you have developed bad habits.

NHS Choices website offers some excellent help and advice on how to fix common posture mistakes and is well worth a visit.

Book in today for a holiday MoT where we can look at your posture and deal with aches and pains before you go!