Gabriele Piontek


In 1979 Gabriele Piontek completed a two and a half years of full-time medical training in all areas of massage therapy at the school of Dr Muchinsky in Germany. In 1986 she did the Dr Vodder training in Manual Lymphatic Drainage.

In 2010 she specialised in Manual Lymphatic Drainage and Oedema Therapy for cancer patients. She has gained much experience as a therapist in a German Hospital for 23 years and has been at Sarum Physiotherapy Centre for over eight years. She works closely with the physiotherapy team and an integral part of the team.

“Best massage every time! I love Gaby’s combined deep knowledge and extensive experience in both physiotherapy and massage.  Having a very busy life, I feel in very good hands, with Gaby effecting wonderful results and me feeling more relaxed after each session.” Birthe Mester

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