Not only is early intervention a must but the only way to keep you doing the things you love.

A phrase we use often is ‘don’t suffer in silence, or ignore those aches and pains’. Why? Because at Sarum Physio we know how easy it is to keep going because you have to or feel you need to. You are perhaps worried your team needs you, that taking time off work isn’t possible or you don’t have time to seek help.

Your concerns are valid however by not seeking help early you are potentially heading towards the very things you fear.

While you should not see every twinge, ache or pain as an issue you should be listening to your body. If pain persists or is preventing you from leading a normal life then you need to MAKE time to see someone.

When you experience pain it’s your body telling you that something is wrong. By ignoring the signals you may acerbate the problem with continued activity resulting in further injury or even other injuries occurring.

Early intervention is not only important for professional sports men and women but applies to all. Pain can be isolating, lead to further complications and health issues plus debilitating – affecting every aspect of your life.

By seeking help early and following the advice given you increase the chance of a speedy recovery. In addition, reduce the possibility of further injury.

The benefits of accessing physio sooner rather than later include:

  1. Relief from pain quicker
  2. Improved sporting performance when you return
  3. Improved scar tissue quality, essential for athletes
  4. Getting you back to work or on the sports field quicker through faster healing rates

No matter which treatment path you take accessing treatment at the earliest point will improve your recovery time and overall outcome. As we mature early intervention becomes even more important for obvious reasons so we highly recommend getting into a good habit when younger.

At Sarum Physio, we pride ourselves on offering a multidisciplinary approach to your treatment. A team that works closely together to ensure you receive the right treatment. Whatever your pain we are here to get you back doing the things you love as quickly as possible.

If you are suffering in silence or know someone that is call 01722 415 055 to seek help from the highly qualified and experienced team at Sarum Physio.