Excited for Christmas or just want it to be over? Christmas can be a difficult time for many, from missing loved ones no longer with us to just finding it one long stress. We shared our top tips for reducing Christmas stress in a recent blog Before the pumpkins go mouldy but what else can you do.

Take care of you

Don’t overdo it, ask for help and plan time in your diary for ‘you’. This could be time with friends, a soak in the bath (with the door locked), a massage or walk in the winter sunshine. Make this a regular habit and not just for Christmas.

Look through the eyes of a child

It can be easy to forget the magic of Christmas and it’s time to remind yourself. Look at your own children, the grandchildren or those of friends and soak up the excitement they feel. See time at the school nativity or concert as memory making moments, not just for you but for them.

Plan something special for the coming year

Everyone needs something to look forward to so why not book a holiday or a weekend away. We have a client who has five girlfriends and they book their monthly ‘get togethers’ for the coming year in December so they are in the diary.

In the words of a famous song … ‘let it go’

You can be your own worst enemy wanting everything to be perfect from a sparkling clean house to presents wrapped with bows and ribbon. If you are the only one getting upset or stressed, stop a moment and ask yourself ’does it really matter?’

Christmas is what you make it. The traditions you create for your family and for many, particularly the self-employed, the one time of the year when you can totally switch off. Do as much or as little as you want, wear pyjamas all day on Boxing day if you feel like it BUT whatever you do relax into it and laugh more, much more.

A wellbeing tip shared on a MIND blog back in 2015 was ‘buy yourself a pressie’ why not book a massage treatment with us before and after the festive period to release the stress you are holding. Even better, why not ask for a Sarum Physio voucher from Santa. Call 01722 415 055 to book.