Dr Katie Greener


Dr Katie Greener qualified as a Doctor from Charing Cross Hospital London in 1984. She came to Salisbury to complete her GP training in 1988, where she stayed and practised until retiring.

Katie developed her interest in Acupuncture at an early stage of her career. This was partly due to her curiosity of differing approaches in medicine and her love for travel and different cultures.

She initially trained in Medical Acupuncture in Southampton. Subsequently, completing the diploma in Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture in London adds to this.

The appeal for Katie has always been to combine her skills in traditional medicine, Western with Chinese Acupuncture, to address the patient’s needs. She believes this ability to look at patients holistically and from another perspective results in a better outcome for them.

Musculoskeletal injuries and chronic pain treatments form a large part of her work. But many other conditions respond well to Acupuncture, such as migraines, IBS and chronic fatigue.

In her spare time, Katie is a keen walker and mountaineer. She loves to travel to remote parts of the world and plays the cello in the City of Southampton Orchestra.

KATIE IS A British Medical Acupuncture Society member and has gained the Diploma of Medical Acupuncture and Certificate of Accreditation in Western Acupuncture.

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