Don’t let that scarf ruin your posture this Autumn. Easily done as the nights draw in and the mornings are a little on the chilly side. Meaning you will be adding the layers and the scarfs are out. No matter if they are pretty in pattern and colour or the woolly kind – both can ruin your posture.

It sounds simple but as the temperature drops our shoulders go up. Add a scarf around the neck and you are pulling and pushing that poor old vertebrae without a second thought.

Take a moment to notice how you’re standing next time that scarf is wound tightly or even at a jaunty angle. Without even noticing it those shoulders will be up around your ears.

Top Tip: Think Tall

Yes, great posture is really that simple. Imagine a piece of string, cotton or a gorgeous ribbon attached the top of your head. Now feel the gentle pull as it stretches you to the sky. You will automatically feel your neck lengthen and your shoulders return to their natural position.

Good posture is you in alignment and your muscles in their natural state and not overstretch. It is you preventing aches, pains and strains. You being kind to your body by putting the minimal stress on your bones, muscles and tendons.

It’s you doing something amazing for your body and you didn’t even have to break out the gym gear or break a sweat.

Benefits of Good Posture

  • Prevents muscular and joint pain
  • Improves your sleep – I know that’s a bonus!
  • Can prevent headaches
  • Helps decrease wear and tear of ligaments – particularly important as we age

Good posture is equally important when sitting and while you might be tempted to ‘slouch’ in front of the TV – it’s the worst thing you can do. Along with cradling the phone under your ear while typing at the desk.

Once you become aware of good posture you will find yourself quickly noticing when you’re out of alignment. When you’re sitting incorrectly and the bad habits you’ve picked up over the years.

Start taking your posture seriously and change the way you stand, sit and believe it or not lay down to sleep.

You can find out more about posture on the NHS website who also include photos of what not to do.

Poor posture can also be caused by an ache, pain or injury you’re trying your best to ignore.

Do something amazing for you today and call Sarum on 01722 415 055 and let us help you start standing straight again, sleeping better and back to full kicking leaves like a five-year-old fit.