Does Christmas give you backache, make your knees ping and your ankles swell? This time of year is fraught with danger, Christmas light wires trailing, scissors left where you’ve forgotten them and a turkey the size of a bowling ball to lift into the oven.

The time when you’re more likely to disappear into the sofa and tuck your feet under your bottom. And find yourself straining your neck to see the television around the giant inflatable snowman that looked smaller on the website.

Okay, I’m being silly. But over the coming weeks, you may find yourself running around and busier than usual. And this is when accidents happen, the back twinges, the knees ping and aches long forgotten return. So, what can you do?

Slow Down

Which is exactly what I was encouraging you to do in this blog published back in 2019. However, there are other steps you can take to help prevent injury over the festive period.

  1. Warm-up. Yes, before running at breakneck speed into your day, start with a few stretches, and the ones I shared in this blog are perfect.
  2. After stretching, take a few minutes to sit in gratitude. A powerful practice that I mention in some shape or form in almost every blog – well certainly this year.
  3. Don’t overstretch yourself, mentally or physically. After the last few years, nobody will mind if you donate to charity instead of sending cards. Or they receive a gift card rather than a present.
  4. Remember that Christmas lunch is no more than a roast dinner – just with crackers. And no doubt you’ve cleared up in previous years while muttering, ‘why do we cook so much’ – this year, cook less.
  5. Set the intention to be kind to yourself. Accept help when offered and resist the urge for everything to be perfect, it really doesn’t have to be. What is perfect anyway… the family together, cuddled on the sofa, walking with the family – change your view of perfect.
  6. I suggested a few years ago in a blog to incorporate ‘exercise’ into your routine. Take the stairs instead of the lift, and complete your knee exercises while doing the washing up or waiting for the kettle to boil.
  7. Please bend your knees to lift, and if moving furniture to fit the family around the table, don’t do it alone! And try not to twist suddenly, even if the dog is heading towards the resting meat!
  8. The British Heart Foundation share some fabulous chair exercise, which you might find useful, easily doable while you watch the television and to keep you fluid. Although please don’t do them on an office chair with wheels, as shown in the images in this article! ?

Christmas doesn’t have to give you backache

If you want to avoid backache, switch off the television, sit at the table (excellent for good posture), and play board games. And if you want it to be different from the rush and dash of previous years, take things a little slower and experience the lead-up. 

Make time to exercise. Park the car a little further from the shop or, even better, give yourself permission to walk at lunchtime. Allow this year to be perfectly imperfect with less fuss and more love.

Choose to relax a little more and stress a little less.