Living in a technological world as we do, it is very easy to just sit looking at a screen.

Sadly the television is no longer the only electronic device grabbing our attention. If we are not working in front of a computer, it is a phone or tablet in our hands. So, it’s hard to be active.

In the 21st Century, it seems we lead a more sedentary life – sitting! We are working far longer hours and often only returning home to collapse after a busy day at the office. Add to this convenience and, worse still, junk food, and it’s not surprising that obesity is a world epidemic. That our health is suffering.

Why should you be active?

• Not to state the obvious but exercise helps manage our weight.
• It combats health conditions and diseases. You only need to watch the news or read the newspaper for evidence on exercise, reducing your risk of becoming unwell.
• It’s proven to improve your mood – those little endorphins result in a happier you!
• Need an energy boost, exercise is the answer. Regular physical activity can improve your muscle strength and boost your endurance.
Exercise can also improve your sleep, making you fall asleep quicker and deeper.
• Finally, it can be fun! A great way to spend time with friends, make new friends and have a giggle!

Before you grab your trainers, phone the local rugby team, join a local ParkRun or get your bike out of the shed. Why not give us a call to give you the once over? We can address any old injuries that might hamper your return to the running track, provide you with a training programme to ensure those ski slopes don’t catch you unawares or even help you choose the right footwear. All of which will help ensure you maintain and continue your exercise pledge.