Deanna White

Physiotherapist, BSc Hons

Deanna White qualified as a Physiotherapist from the University of Southampton in 2019, having previously worked as a Pilates instructor and Post lady for the Royal Mail. Her work has focused on MSK outpatients and Neurological rehabilitation within the NHS.

She has spent the past two years working with her local church, which has recently opened the doors to a new church in Salisbury. Despite not having many clinical work hours during this time, her work with the church has hugely benefited her ability to engage with everyone – listening, so she can prioritise needs. Something we pride ourselves on doing here at Sarum.

Deanna is now back working as a Physiotherapist at both Sarum Physiotherapy centre and as a therapy assistant at Salisbury Hospital.

Study of pain mechanisms means she particularly likes to help people understand more about their body, thus equipping them to move on from, or at least better manage, their symptoms.

Deanna enjoys staying active, exploring the outdoors, meeting new people, and playing netball weekly.

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