Is stretching bad for you?

A study at The Australian Ballet has ‘delivered some surprising results as to what works in stretching and what is actually damaging to the body and increasing the risk of injury.’ You can read the article in full here.

Isabel Howse is our resident physiotherapist who specialises in dance injuries and has worked with The Royal Ballet schools and many West End productions. So of course, we asked for her thoughts on stretching and this is what she said:

“I have always advocated dynamic functional stretching and functional rehab specific to the dancer. Almost all injury is caused by bad technique and therefore technical correction is key to getting the dancer back to full performance.”

Izzy has and still works with dancers through their training and developing years. Focusing on correcting dance technique to prevent injury and recurrence.

Brilliant at what she does, Izzy has many years of experience and just does what she does. Treating injuries and helping dancers to prevent further injury; with a focus as already mentioned on technical correction.

This is particularly important when treating young dancers who are still developing their skill and their bodies are still growing.

We are proud to have supported Salisbury Dance Studios for over twenty years and much of that work has been done by the awesome Izzy.

Strength and Flexibility

Dancers need strength and flexibility throughout their body to cope with repetitive movements both during practice and for performance. Plus, like the rest of us, they need to eat well, live healthily and stay strong.

Now while you might be more of a mover and shaker in the front room. Or a spin it on the dance floor when the lights are low type of person. Taking care of your body is important so you might live life to the full, which may include dance or not.

Whether that’s a shimmy in the front room, a spin class at the gym or taking part in a marathon. A potter in the garden, playing ball sports with the grandchildren or a leisurely game of golf on a Saturday. Pain shouldn’t stop you.

No matter what you want to do, Sarum is here to keep you moving and doing what you love. Our highly experienced practitioners provide a personalised approach to your treatment, from sport to dance, from pottering to swinging on the green we’ve got you covered.

Don’t ever let an old ache or pain stop you from being active or doing the things you love. Call 01722 415 055 to make an appointment and let the Sarum team work their magic.