The Christmas party season is here and the ‘killer heels’ are out, which means your feet are most likely going to hurt. Firstly, apologies to the gentlemen who read our blog as this one is for the ladies.

Party season means you will most likely leave your trainers, flats and boots at home. Opting for heels and yes they are called killer for a reason.

Here are a few phrases you might use over the coming weeks and party nights:

  • My feet are killing me!
  • My ankles ache and I can’t wait to get these shoes off!
  • I must be getting old, my knees are hurting!
  • My back is killing me!

Phrases you might have used before and especially if you’re wearing higher heeled shoes than normal. This is because the higher the heel the greater the weight on the balls of your feet. You see, humans are meant to walk heel to toe, often forgotten when the beautiful strappy 6-inch heels are out.

Your stilettos might cause your ankles to stiffen up because of the way you’re walking.  A few flexing exercises might help during the wearing session, regularly rotating your ankles while you’re taking a rest from the dance floor.

Now while your legs might look fabulous in those peep-toed sandals wearing high heels for prolonged periods can restrict circulation to the lower limbs. Even cause spider veins *runs off shrieking*. If you’re only wearing for a special occasion there’s no need to panic or run shrieking.

Those pretty shoes can also cause your knees to hurt, not necessarily a sign of age but simply because your dancing shoes are out and on. Even in sensible shoes, your knees will be working hard, so imagine the additional strain you are putting on them with the extra height of those gorgeous shoes.

A higher heel will alter the way you walk and stand. Putting a strain on your back because your spine is not in that lovely relaxed S shape. The one it works so well in.

If not worn regularly (which we don’t recommend) and at the lofty height of your heels you’re most likely walking tentatively and with a little wobble. Causing you to put additional strain on back, knees and ankles.

At Sarum Physio we’re not saying wear your trainers or sheepskin boots under your dress – just be sensible and here are a few tips.

  1. Buy the right size, which means no impulse buying or squeezing your toes into a pointy shoe.
  2. If you’re wobbling when trying them on in the shop or to check them out in the mirror they’re most likely not for you
  3. Wear them around the house to break them in and yes you might look ridiculous wearing them as you put the hoover around but it will help on the night.
  4. There are lots of products around to help, ask your friends which they recommend and try them out!
  5. Learn how to walk in them. Sounds silly but check out this article to make sure you are standing and walking in those high heels correctly before you head out.

Falls are not just for the elderly. You don’t want to start the new year with an injury so choose your shoes wisely. According to our research, you should try on new shoes around midday – as if you needed an excuse to shop during your lunch break.

A few things you can do the morning after the night before:

  1. Soak your feet in hot water with a few drops of essential oils.
  2. Treat any blisters sustained … again some fantastic products around.
  3. Give your feet a stretch … check out these yoga exercises for feet.
  4. Take a break … go barefoot or at least return to flats.

Should dancing the light fandango or tripping the light fantastic (not literally) have caused you any form of discomfort or pain. Give us a call.

Our opening over Christmas is business as usual until Friday (21st December) and then open all day on the 27th and the morning of 28th. We’re back bright and bushy tailed on the Wednesday 2nd January 2019. 

From all the team at Sarum Physio may we take this opportunity to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Keep on dancing!