A new season is the chance to ring the changes and embrace new beginnings. As you may know, I love Autumn, a time for cosy evenings and an opportunity to reflect and fresh starts. So, I will cover each of these in my blog today, and let’s start with a new season.


All change and welcoming in a new season


Autumn is full of colour and a glorious month. Spooky early misty mornings, the rustle of leaves and the crunch of frost underfoot. Encouraging cosy evenings, curling up with the book you’ve been meaning to read and lighting that candle you bought in the sale last year.


A chance to switch up your exercise, moving from outdoors to indoors. Trying something new, joining a dance or yoga class, slowing down or swapping your running shoes for gym gear. The change of season allows you to make new choices, do what you’ve not done before and find different ways of staying active.


Time to pause and reflect


Every season offers an opportunity to pause and reflect. With this in mind, I asked Katie Greener, who joined the Sarum team earlier in the year, to write a few words, which she kindly did.


It has been a few months since I started working at Sarum Physiotherapy Centre. And I am delighted to say that I have settled in well. The atmosphere here is wonderful, and working with many skilled professionals with diverse specialities is a pleasure. The exchange of ideas and treatment options has been excellent, ultimately benefiting all our patients.


Although I spend much of my time helping people with chronic pain and musculoskeletal problems, there is also a large group of patients with chronic tiredness and poor sleep. Acupuncture can really help these symptoms. However, I have found as an acupuncturist and a GP that such symptoms will often have many different causes, including dietary and lifestyle.


Eating good, natural, fresh food is a large part of what keeps us fit and healthy. So, being a passionate cook and gardener and with food playing an essential role in our health, I have enrolled for The Natural Chef diploma at the College of Naturopathic Medicine in London.


The Natural Chef is a way of cooking nutritious but delicious food tailored to the individual, whether they have diabetes or intolerances. Or want to eat amazing and energising food to keep themselves in the best shape possible.


I am really excited about sharing ideas and advice with my patients on things that will enhance their well-being. Watch this space!!!!


New Beginnings


It’s not so much a new beginning for Sarum. But I’m excited to tell you that a new physiotherapist is joining the team. Michael Saba, or Mikey as he likes to be called, has a background in psychology, which blends beautifully with physio because everyone needs to be listened to and, more importantly, heard. Ensuring the treatment we receive, that our clients receive, can facilitate our lifestyle and needs on every level.


This final piece of my blog wonderfully links back to reflect. So, pause, breathe…and move forward as the body and mind restore during this glorious Autumn season.


You can ring 01722 415 055 to make an appointment with Katie, Mikey or any of our incredible practitioners. Come and share your goals, ambitions and what you want to be doing more of. We promise to listen and do all we can to facilitate your incredible life.