Breathing life in was exactly what I did when I received the most gorgeous Christmas card from my grandson. It made me stop and appreciate all that I had IN that moment.

Often and especially at this time of year busy takes over and as 2020 draws to a close everything appears a little harder.

Choosing the perfect gift feels less fun and sending messages of cheer a little inappropriate. Yet, moments of joy are all around if you stop to breathe them in. The smell of rain, cold wind on your face or a smile from a stranger.

During 2020 I’ve written about being mindful and shared with you why I love Autumn. I’ve suggested ways of increasing your heart rate that doesn’t require Lycra and actively encouraged you to relax. Blogs that have focused on being as opposed to doing. Giving your permission for breathing it all in.

Looking back over the past twelve months I’ve had my grown-up children back home and together we’ve got through this. We have laughed and grown our own vegetables; squeezed into corners of the cottage to work and used Zoom to stay connected.

Many moments when I breathed in the life that was around me and I’m super grateful. 

Breathe it in and make Christmas 2020 what YOU need it to be

While the holidays this year may not be the same and it may not be possible to hug our loved ones, we can still breathe in the life around us. There’ll be time to sit and ponder and films for watching while fighting over the ‘purple one’ in the chocolate box.

Perhaps cards and board games will come out and good-natured family competitiveness will fill the living room. Maybe you’ll turn the music up and dance like nobody is watching. Do your leg strengthening exercises while you peel the veg or put the turkey in the oven.

There are no rules this year. Head for the hills on Christmas Eve and shout your thanks into the wind and if the notion takes you to run on Christmas Day do it. Get your bike out and cycle to the houses of your loved ones and wave like a loon through the window.

In your bubble get out in the fresh air and play tag in the woods. Do whatever takes your fancy and let’s finish 2020 breathing it ALL in.

Stand tall, pull your shoulders down and breathe in the air around you. Be in the moment you’ve been gifted, laugh loud and hard and be kind to yourself. The year has been tough, unkind and cruel to many BUT it’s time to claim it back as our own.


Thank you to my amazing team, the Sarum family who jumped to help and did all they could and have taken everything in their stride. Thank you for being there for me!

And as a team, we wish to say a big thank you to YOU. Our amazing patients who embraced video consultations and understood the changes needed in the Centre to keep us all safe. You are awesome.

Stay safe, breath it ALL in and I’ll see you in 2021.

PS Christmas opening times can be found here.