It’s Balance Awareness Week, which has rather made me smile – giggle even.

Not the week itself as this has an important role in raising awareness of vestibular disorders (find out more about here.). No, the reason for my smile was that back at the beginning of the year I published a blog about 2020 being perfectly balanced.

Writing about it being a leap year and the number 2020 being balanced. Making it the perfect year to finally attain just that in your life (balance) and leave hustle and bustle behind.

Yes, I actually wrote that very sentence (okay almost that exact sentence) going on to share that wearing busy as a badge of honour was no longer hip and cool. How it was the perfect year to be more mindful and put your face to the wind, rain or sun. The year to make small changes and create your balance.

Of course, I had no idea what 2020 would actually bring and how our lives would be affected. Perhaps mother earth felt my blog was not enough and a stronger message to slow down was needed. because that is what we got.

Back in March, like you, I had no idea that our world was about to go topsy turvy, That pubs would close and toilet paper and flour would disappear from the shelves, And fighting in the supermarket aisle would become normal (alright I didn’t personally see that). I also had no clue that the doors to Sarum would shut and I would take consultations online.

In an instant, everything changed

Lockdown provided many with the excuse for doing less and busy was no longer even possible. Others were gifted time to reconnect with what was important to them. While many more decided to grab their trainers from the back of the cupboard and run.

Cycle Weekly reports that during lockdown 1.3 million Brits bought a bike to take advantage of exercise freedoms. While others took part in virtual fitness classes and Joe Wicks became the PE teacher for children (and mums) across the country and raised over £500,000 for the NHS.

The balance of our worlds changed

Care workers, supermarket workers and refuse collectors all become key to keeping us safe. Nurses, Doctors, everyone in the NHS had a role to play and we clapped our thanks every Thursday evening.

What has changed for you? What new balance are you seeking to create?

Suddenly balance has taken on new meaning and family and loved ones become important than the latest car. Decisions are being made to live differently, be healthier and live life to the full.

While the slogan has changed ‘hands – face – space’ we remain in uncertain times Yet I feel there is light and my hope now is that all that we’ve learnt, the healthy habits we’ve started and the kindness that has shone will remain.

The Sarum team is here to keep you moving and doing the things you love. From physio to massage, from chiropody to trichology we’ve got you covered from head to toe. Call 01722 415 055 to make an appointment and let us help you stay balanced.