About Jenny Mears

Arriving in Salisbury, Jenny set up the Sarum Physio Centre in 1994 in partnership with Juliet Rogers. Jenny specialises in acupuncture, musculoskeletal and spinal conditions, biomechanics and sports injury physiotherapy As well as maintaining a clinical practice, she is committed to the continued development and growth of Sarum Physio Centre.

A new perspective

At Sarum, every single member of the fabulous team is proud of the hands-on approach and service that we offer. Being able to put ourselves in your shoes and having the time to listen; meaning we provide the right treatment option for YOU always. Since COVID-19 exploded into our world, we are no longer able [...]

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There is no such thing as good posture

There’s no such thing as good posture, just your next position. This was tip number seven shared by Richard Gilbert in our birthday blog and it feels like the right time to dig a little deeper into what he meant. Experts, including Richard, believe there is no such thing as good posture. In fact, there [...]

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Relax and take a moment to enjoy your day

Relax and take a moment to enjoy your day was health and wellbeing tip number twenty-three from our twenty-six shared to celebrate our birthday back in February. This particular tip was provided by the wonderful Kiri Wilson. One of our awesome Physiotherapists here at Sarum and recently back from maternity leave. Kiri went on to explain [...]

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Could stretching be bad for you?

Is stretching bad for you? A study at The Australian Ballet has ‘delivered some surprising results as to what works in stretching and what is actually damaging to the body and increasing the risk of injury.’ You can read the article in full here. Isabel Howse is our resident physiotherapist who specialises in dance injuries [...]

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Health and wellbeing: twenty-six tips

Health and wellbeing: twenty-six tips. The perfect way to celebrate our twenty-sixth birthday, which is on Friday the 14th of February. The doors to Sarum opened back in 1994 on a snowy day with just two physios, one treating patients and the other waiting by the telephone. Since that first day, the practice has grown [...]

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Training for a race or marathon this spring?

Are you training for a race or marathon this Spring, this year or even next? If the answer is yes, don’t let old injuries hold you back, book an assessment with one of our physios to address any niggles before the niggle becomes a problem. It’s all in the preparation as they say, and you [...]

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2020 is perfectly balanced

Balanced, yes 2020 is perfectly balanced and we've entered a new year, begun a new decade and it's going to be totally awesome. Will you create a balanced life in 2020? With all the hype it being a Leap year seems to have been forgotten. That day when ladies can propose to the man of [...]

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Slow down its Christmas

Slow down its Christmas and in case you’re thinking ‘Jenny are you crazy I've got a list as long as my leg never mind my arm’. I hear you. BUT the thing is... when you’re rushing around you're placing yourself in a state of high alert and this isn’t good. Plus, you’ll hit the big [...]

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Don’t let the cold stop you from exercising

When it is cold outside, exercising is the last thing on your mind. It’s that time of year when channel hopping and reaching for the chocolates you’ve hidden from the kids is the only activity you fancy. Yet, if you stop now it will be harder to re-motivate yourself and return to exercising in January. [...]

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Creating YOUR rhythm of life

Creating your rhythm of life is a blog inspired by the Rhythm of Life being performed this month at Salisbury Art Centre by Musical Theatre Salisbury. Which got me thinking .... what rhythm or drumbeat are you rolling with? While we still on occasion get to enjoy glorious sunshine, days are shorter and nights are [...]

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