Are you getting your 150 minutes of exercise a week? The Department of Health and Human Services recommends that you get 150 minutes of GENTLE exercise per week, yes gentle. But what is gentle exercise and how do you achieve 150 minutes when you’re time poor?

If you’re short of time and if going to the gym fills you with horror. Fear not gentle or moderate exercise has been proved to be just as effective as high-impact.

Walking is the easiest exercise you can get and can be incorporated into your daily routine. From ditching the car to skipping the bus and let’s face it with traffic congestion at its very worst in years, you might even save a few minutes.

Exercise is always better with friends  so why not buddy up and enjoy the lighter evenings. A good gossip, while you’re walking, will help to increase that heart rate which is what you’re trying to achieve no matter the exercise.

Download the Active10 app recommended by the NHS which will encourage and support you and tracks your activity. You can find out more here and you’ll be thrilled to know Lycia is NOT required.

Cycling is also a low-impact activity, so why not pack a picnic and head for the hills – although perhaps plan a flatter route to start with. A morning in the saddle with family and friends will see you hitting that 150 minutes exercise with ease – quite literally if your freewheeling downhill!

Exercise is good for the health and your wellbeing and you can even exercise in your chair. Which is great news if you’re not yet ready to hit the pavements or get back on your bike.  

The fabulous Kirstie Pugh, who I’ve had the pleasure of meeting offers seated Zumba. She gave a demonstration at a local networking group I attend, and everyone worked up a sweat from just a few tracks of exercise!

Seated Zumba Gold is perfect for those with mobility or balance issues, young or old. Participants work to their own level and join in the motions they feel most comfortable with. If this sounds good you can find out more and book to join a class on Kirstie’s website.

The trick to improving your health and increasing your fitness is to START.

Yes, it’s that simple and the options are endless and don’t need to cost a fortune. Try a Yoga class, Tai Chi or give the local baths a ring  … sorry pool … to see what classes are on offer or when you can simply hit the lanes.

In Salisbury, we even have a Trim Trail which you can find in Churchill Gardens. Take a walk around the gardens and you will find gym equipment waiting for your arrival. Take a friend, enjoy the walk, have a giggle and try them out.

Start slow, buddy up and don’t let an old injury, ache or pain stop you starting today.

At Sarum the fabulous team can help with sports injuries, home injuries, I don’t know why this hurts injuries. Together we get you out there enjoying your 150 minutes a week. Call 01722 415 055 to make an appointment.