At Sarum, every single member of the fabulous team is proud of the hands-on approach and service that we offer. Being able to put ourselves in your shoes and having the time to listen; meaning we provide the right treatment option for YOU always.

Since COVID-19 exploded into our world, we are no longer able to work in this way. However, I’ve discovered that by using the technology previously not needed Sarum CAN still be here to help you.

A new perspective and I am amazed that there is such a wonderful way in which I can reach out and help guide Sarum’s clients. Using video consultations to reassure, help, advise and keep our patients on track with their treatments.

While I was nervous about using technology what has truly surprised me the most, is how some of our older patients have embraced this approach for receiving guidance on exercises and advice.

A new perspective and reminder of times gone by.

I also had no idea how these unprecedented times would remind me and take me back to the last time I had to find creative solutions for working.

Back in 1988, I set up my first practice in Botswana with three children – all under 5 and the youngest being just weeks old. This was a really full-on and nervous time… but also an incredibly exciting time. It pushed me and my skills and I loved it. It was great fun and also the first time I’d had to think outside of the box to treat my patients.

Unlike my practice now, my rooms back then weren’t fully equipped and I had to use door frames to help support treatments! It was during this time that I realised how much I missed working with a team. Not just personally but because a multi-disciplinary approach is key for the best patient outcome.

A new perspective where patient treatment STILL comes first.

I still believe the team is core and is everything that I love and have at Sarum. A fabulous unit providing a joined-up approach to your treatment, working from five consulting rooms and a larger rehabilitation area (in fully equipped rooms!)

This time has also made me realise that no matter how I work, the key understanding remains that your needs are first. What you want to do, get back to or get better at guides the treatment. While the delivery of the treatment may have changed right now – less getting you back on the field and more keeping you flexible, moving and out of pain – the ethos of Sarum Physio doesn’t change.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been able to help:

  • prevent further weakness of an arthritic knee.
  • mobilise more than one stiff back.
  • those who have overdone the on-line video workouts.
  • release the stresses and strains caused by poor posture and position from working at home.

So, the telephone has been diverted to my home and I’ve been going through a huge tech learning curve. A fly on the wall would have enjoyed the moments where I’m tearing my hair out or telling my family to answer that phone. BUT with a few consultations now under my belt it’s all systems go.

I have loved helping patients in this new way. Providing them with exercises to try and showing them how to get their partners to help. Sharing simple tips and exercises with others and putting minds at rest. Helping you stay active.

The feedback has been amazing. So if you have an old or new ache, pain or niggle ring 01722 415 055 or email me at to arrange a consultation.

One last thing, I would like to give a big shout out to Richard Gilbert, Kiri Wilson, Annabel Neish and Alex Beck. Four members of our awesome team who are also hospital-based and doing all they can for and in the NHS. You are our heroes.

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