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Lower Limb Biomechanics 2018-02-07T13:56:26+00:00

Biomechanics Clinic (of the lower limb)

Many of the injuries dealt with in the Biomechanics clinics have often failed to respond to other treatments and/or are long-standing or recurrent. Often, there is no indication or recollection of a specific injury.

The aim of the examination is to determine the underlying cause of symptoms by uncovering any mechanical or anatomical faults in the lower limb or foot. Approximately one hour is needed for this in-depth examination. The aim of treatment is to rectify the leg/foot alignment and restore normal function. This can be achieved by applying a variety of methods, such as corrective orthotics, footwear advice, specific exercises or combinations of these.

Who can benefit?

Adults and children suffering from the following conditions:

•  Knee, ankle, foot, hip or low back pain

•  Recurrent ankle spraining

•  Shin splints

•  Plantar fasciitis

•  Growing-pain related symptoms.

•  Flat feet

•  Leg length difference

In fact, anyone, especially sportsmen and women struggling to recover from an old injury and children suffering aches and pains often aggravated by sporting activities.

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