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Serious foot problems can cause significant discomfort when walking which results in poor mobility, particularly in the elderly. In addition, there are serious medical conditions that mean you must check your feet regularly including diabetes and a Chiropodist or Podiatrist as they are now more commonly called can do this for you.

An initial examination and analysis of the feet and legs can help to identify the factors that may be causing or contributing to the discomfort or even pain. The use of special shoe inserts (orthoses) can help to control the way in which the foot and therefore legs function to address the problem(s) presented.

Our Chiropodist Susan Vaughan works closely with the physiotherapy team when needed to ensure a complete investigation and correct treatment received and can offer a podiatry assessment if needed.

Routine and regular chiropody treatment includes:

•  Verrucae assessment and cryotherapy

•  Nail cutting service

•  In growing toenail care

•  General foot care advice

•  A medical referral is not necessary.

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