Maintaining YOUR health and YOUR wellbeing

Health and well-being is made up of four factors, physical, intellectual, emotional and social. How are you taking care of yourself? We tend to think of health as a physical thing, while wellbeing a little more complex, but they are without doubt linked. When we are more active it can have a very positive impact on [...]

Do we really need to be active?

Living in a technological world as we do it is very easy to just sit looking at a screen and TV is no longer the only electronic device grabbing our attention. If we are not looking at the television or working in front of a computer, it is a phone or tablet in our hand. [...]

What a summer of sport it has been?

Have you been inspired to dust off those running shoes, rummage the loft for a tennis racquet or hop on your bike? Over the past few months, we have enjoyed rugby, football, tennis, golf and so much more, culminating in the Rio Olympics. Add to this the glorious summer that is being enjoyed and a [...]

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get rid of those niggles…

Riding in Aid of a great cause is a great motivator - Jenny and Linda riding in Aid of Help for Heroes around France! This time last year a dear friend Linda Walton and I with trepidation cycled off from home near Stockbridge to our shared holiday home in the foothills of the [...]

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We offer one to one and class based instruction in modified Pilates which is recognized and endorsed exercise technique used by physiotherapists and recommended by orthopaedic surgeons. It can: •    Help prevent injury •    Aid rehabilitation from injury •    Help improve postural awareness •    Enhance performance in sporting and everyday activities. Modified Pilates is based [...]

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Why delay? Recover and play!

Injury prevention, treatment and maintaining peak physical condition on the pitch With the Six Nations well under way, and seeing the physical demands on the players and some of those injuries sustained, it is worth remembering the importance of injury prevention, fast treatment, and sorting out those niggling injuries that you “worked through” over the [...]

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New Year, New You!

New Year Resolutions are fun to make; the real difficulty is sticking to them, BUT you are never too old to try something new! The awesome Susie Tenty and Sue Goddard as the dancing Grannies in “A Christmas Carol” at the City Hall before Christmas are my inspiration for a New Year New You! January [...]

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No need to stress…

With Christmas around the corner, are you running out of time? Getting tense? Rushing around to fit in the school nativity, buy the tree and have the presents wrapped and the tree perfect. Before you know it you have strained your back, have neck pain and a tension headache. A few tips to help you [...]

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Put your garden to bed but not your back!

It’s that time of year again! Out come the spades and wellies, and time to put your garden to bed. Moving those pots and digging the allotment need good lifting techniques and a healthy back. Repetitive clipping and tidying can overload the arms causing painful problems such as Tennis elbow, shoulder and wrist strains and [...]

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Sort out your kit and limber up!!!

After another fantastic summer of sporting events from the Ashes to the amazing result of the England football team NOW is the time for YOU to start that pre season training! Whatever your winter sport of choice, whether it’s rugby, hockey, football or another challenging outdoor sport you will need to be in tip top [...]

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