Get Up and Go: Celebrating Older People’s Day

On the 1st October, Older People's Day is celebrated across the UK to coincide with the UN International Day of the Older Person. The Chartered physiotherapists are celebrating active living to mark this special day. The Get Up and Go campaign is about promoting exercise for maintaining wellbeing into the twilight years. Helping everyone to [...]

What is physio therapy and how can it help?

Whether you’re suffering a sports injury, need treatment for back or neck pain, or recovering from surgery, Physiotherapy can provide a helping hand. Suitable for all ages it involves looking at the complete body and on occasion provided alongside other treatments such as acupuncture and massage. In addition, at Sarum Physio Centre we offer further [...]

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Do it together, it’s more fun

Apparently earlier this month it was International Friendship Day (August 6th) which got us thinking here at Sarum how much easier exercise is when done with friends. Not only great to keep you motivated but to keep in touch. With Winter not far away – sorry folks – now is the time to grab a [...]

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Still time to get beach body ready

Your holiday is just around the corner, you haven’t quite lost the last few pounds and you’re starting to feel anxious about putting on that swimwear. Stop giving yourself a hard time, getting away to relax is so important to our wellbeing. Anyway, what if we told you there was a simple way to look [...]

Help, I’ve got tennis elbow and don’t even play!

OUCH, this can be extremely painful and life delimitating and is no laughing matter. If often occurs after strenuous overuse of the muscles and tendons of the forearm, near the elbow joint. You might then notice it when you carry heavy bags, try to twist open a jar lid or even have difficulty fully extending your [...]

The right footwear for the job

You wouldn’t put the heels on to walk the dog or grab your wellies for a shopping trip with the girls would you! Or put your golf shoes on for a pint down the pub! The right footwear is really important and enables you to perform at your very best – and we are not [...]

Maintaining YOUR health and YOUR wellbeing

Health and well-being is made up of four factors, physical, intellectual, emotional and social. How are you taking care of yourself? We tend to think of health as a physical thing, while wellbeing a little more complex, but they are without doubt linked. When we are more active it can have a very positive impact on [...]

Don’t be a slouch, get off the couch!

It’s that time of year when we talk about resolutions and the phrase ‘New Year, New You’ is banded about. We want to suggest you don’t need a new you but should simply only improve the lovely you, you already are. Rarely do we need to change everything and small changes are much more likely [...]

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When you just don’t want to go out in the cold and how to banish the winter blues?

Picking up a racquet, putting on your trainers or just walking to work is so much easier in the summer. We are inspired by sporting events, have a swim suit we want to wear and being active becomes part of what we do! In the colder months heading to the gym is less appealing, finding [...]

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Treat your feet – you only have one pair

Many of us will develop a foot problem at some point in our lives and we only get one pair so why do they receive so little love from us? Taking care of our feet should be as important as a regular haircut, getting an eye test or visiting the dentist. There is a lot [...]

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