Small steps to big changes

It takes time to form new good habits, losing weight doesn’t happen overnight and we aren’t able to run a marathon after just one training session. There are many numbers banded about on how long it takes to form a new habit starting with 21 but studies have shown that it takes much longer. This [...]

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Get Up and Go: Celebrating Older People’s Day

On the 1st October, Older People's Day is celebrated across the UK to coincide with the UN International Day of the Older Person. The Chartered physiotherapists are celebrating active living to mark this special day. The Get Up and Go campaign is about promoting exercise for maintaining wellbeing into the twilight years. Helping everyone to [...]

Hay fever…….. not to be sniffed at!

During the summer months do you suffer from: •  Sneezing, coughing, wheezing or shortness of breath? •  Itchy, red or watery eyes, a runny nose, itchy throat, mouth, nose and ears? •  Pain around the temples and forehead? •  A loss of smell? •  Earache or headache? •  Lethargy, dizziness or a lack of mental [...]

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Sit well at work

Many of us complain about having a bad back from time to time, many of you put it down to sleeping in an uncomfortable bed, tiredness or even stress. Most people are aware and educated about sitting correctly while at work, but many of you will not realise just how much of a detrimental effect [...]

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Biomechanics awareness

A great number of sporting and non-sporting people will at some stage in their life suffer from lower limb stress syndrome, affecting primarily knees, hips and feet and shins. There will be little fore-warning of this as it comes on gradually as a result of overload forces from either bodyweight, high volume training, mal-alignment of [...]

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Welcome to our new blog

Welcome to the new Sarum Physio blog, we will be posting all kinds of interesting content including news and special offers from the practice as well as news on the industry as a whole. Please come back regularly to catch up with us.

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